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"Empowering Your Business with the Microsoft Power Platform"

Make Your Business Data Driven
Consultation and Solution Design

Our expert consultants will engage with your business to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and challenges. Through a collaborative approach, we'll identify opportunities for process improvement and growth. We'll then design tailored solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency to meet your specific requirements.

Training and Workshops:

Our comprehensive training sessions equip your team with the skills needed to harness the full potential of the Microsoft Power Platform. Our experienced trainers will guide your employees through hands-on exercises, teaching them how to create, customize, and manage Power Apps, automate processes with Flows, and analyze data using Power BI reports. Empower your workforce to drive innovation and efficiency across your organization.

Technical Support Partnership:

As your dedicated technical support partner, we'll be there to ensure seamless operation of your Power Platform solutions. Our experienced team will provide timely assistance, resolving any issues that may arise promptly. We'll proactively monitor the platform, offer regular updates, and implement enhancements to align with your evolving business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and long-term success.

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Welcome to Hathaway Groups, founded by a group of seasoned professionals who firsthand witnessed the growing need for transformative technology solutions. Motivated by a shared vision to revolutionize businesses, our founders established this company to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical applications. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of our clients' challenges, we strive to provide innovative solutions that drive success and prosperity. Partner with us to unlock your full potential and embrace the future of digital empowerment.

What is the Power Platform?


Power BI

Microsoft Power Platform includes five related products: Power AppsPower BIPower PagesPower Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.
It allows you to Empower everyone in your organization with an intuitive, collaborative, and extensible platform of low-code tools. It will be easy to automate business processes and create efficient, flexible & custom solutions.

There are related features that let you unleash the full potential of the Microsoft Power Platform.
Features: AI Builder / Microsoft Dataverse / Connectors

Power Apps

Power Apps provides a low-code approach to rapidly build apps for any device while seamlessly working with Azure services through a rich extensibility model for professional developers. Power Apps can be used to create apps for various platforms including iOS, Android and web.

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